In Rye

By a kind of logic that says if you post pictures of other people, you must post pictures of yourself, I give you me and my better half in Rye a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the kindness of strangers who take photos for people on their own phones, and to the photographer lady who made such a good job of this one.

By the way, someone told us that Mermaid Street in Rye, where we’re standing, is the most photographed street in England, for touristic purposes. (No doubt, someone will contest that.)

We stayed at the Mermaid Inn, up that hill, a building that dates back to the 14th century and is built on top of cellars that date back to the eleventh century. You can ask to be shown the cellars, used for wine of course. They’re a little bit spooky, dungeon-like. Rye was rebuilt in the late 14th century, after being burned to the ground by a French raiding party. The inn is a fascinating place, not least to think that Shakespeare’s company may have performed or sojourned there. It’s also like a fairground “crooked house”, because everything leans every which way.

At the demo for “a People’s Vote”

My day at the March for a People’s VoteCaroline Lucas gave the best speech of the day. But Tony Robinson got the biggest cheer for the hilarious end section of his speech. “Now we all know, I’m only up here today to say five words. I HAVE A CUNNING PLAN!” He brought the house down, and went on to explain his cunning plan was the People’s Vote. That was a good laugh. Others were good too, of course, especially David Lammy and Vince Cable and the redoubtable Anna Soubry MP who closed the show with eclat and with an emotional call for love and fellowship.

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Reading for Willesden Herald Story of the Month

I have a new gig, reading for the Willesden Herald monthly New Short Stories “Story of the Month”. The series kicked off with Con Chapman’s engrossing account of a relationship in trouble, “The Woman Who Listened to Britten”. Link: Story of the Month, June 2018.


Apologies to any goose I might have scared by saying “Boo(k)” to them. Although geese are not easily scared, by the way. I’m here to say that, contrary to appearances, I am writing things. If they get anywhere, you my imaginary friends, will be the first to know.


Co-Edited with Lane Ashfeldt

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I have just sent a newsletter to our 1762 subscribers, with the cover reveal, biographies, publication details etc for Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 10 and other news. Link to view online: Newsletter.

Many thanks to Stratos Fountoulis for the cover design and once again to Lane Ashfeldt, to Liars’ League for continuing support over the years, and to the much-missed Willesden Green Writers’ Group, who helped keep this competition going through hell & high water. And all writers everywhere, here’s to you!

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Co-Edited with Katy Darby

See you at The Performance Space, Willesden Library Centre, 7:30 pm December 8th for the launch. Katy Darby will announce who will walk away with the priceless mug for 2016. Authors are flying in from far and wide. Actors will read a few short excerpts. Fun will be had.

Update: First prize went to Love and Hair by Olga Zilberbourg, a Russian writer based in San Francisco. Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 9 is now available from & other online booksellers. For report, videos and more, please visit New Short Stories.